The Month of March 2023

These past weeks at Startup Kano have been eventful and fulfilling.

British Council Creative Enterprise Showcase Program (CESP) Kano Finale

Some exciting events are coming up next month at Startup Kano. Preparations are currently ongoing for the final episodes of the British Council Creative Showcase and the Creative Hustle events.

The Creative Showcase and Creative Hustle are both wonderful events that offer unique opportunities for artists and entrepreneurs to showcase their talents and connect with like-minded individuals. The two events are part of the British Council Creative Enterprise Support Program (CESP) Nigeria

Here are some more details about each event:

“My Culture, My Pride” is the final episode of the creative showcase and is to be held on the 24thth of April, 2023. It is an ART showcase event that celebrates cultural heritage and diversity. Artists from various cultural backgrounds will have the opportunity to showcase their work, including paintings, sculptures, photography, and more. This event is a great way to appreciate the beauty and diversity of different cultures while supporting talented artists from around the world.

Creative Hustle is an event that focuses on entrepreneurship and creativity. On the 25th of April, entrepreneurs, creatives, and industry experts will gather to share their insights and experiences, offering valuable advice and inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives. This event is perfect for anyone looking to start or grow their own business, or for those who simply want to learn more about the creative and entrepreneurial industries.

Both events are sure to be engaging and inspiring, with plenty of opportunities to connect with others and learn from experts in the field. So if you’re looking for a chance to celebrate culture, creativity, and entrepreneurship, be sure to mark your calendars for “My Culture, My Pride” and Creative Hustle!

Find out more about the CESP here


It’s great news for  the trainees who participated in the National Information Technology Agency (NITDA) mobile/web design training at Start Kano in December. They  are now receiving certificates for their hard work and dedication.  This training program provided a valuable opportunity for the participants to learn essential skills in the field of mobile and web design, and the certificates are a testament to their accomplishments and proficiency in this area. These certificates will be a valuable addition to their portfolios and resumes, demonstrating their dedication to self-improvement. 

 Congratulations to all the participants who received their certificates, and we hope that this training program will help them achieve their career goals and continue to grow in their respective fields!


Amazing news! 

Congratulations, Aisha Tofa, Founder of Startup Kano, on winning the prestigious UNDP Innovation and Gender Equality award in the DigitALL category! This is truly a remarkable achievement and a testament to your commitment towards breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes in Nigeria’s tech industry.

Aisha Tofa is a pioneer in promoting gender equality and driving innovation in Nigeria’s tech sector. Her efforts to empower women through entrepreneurship and digital inclusion are inspiring, and her dedication to creating a more inclusive and equitable society is unparalleled.

Aisha’s startup, Startup Kano, is focused on promoting technology and entrepreneurship in Northern Nigeria, with a particular emphasis on empowering women. The organization has provided training and mentorship to hundreds of women, helping them to start and grow successful businesses in the tech industry.

The UNDP Innovation and Gender Equality award recognizes Aisha’s outstanding contributions towards promoting innovation and gender equality in Nigeria. Her work has not only helped to create more opportunities for women in tech, but it has also helped to change perceptions and break down stereotypes about women’s abilities in the field.

Aisha’s dedication to her work is truly inspiring, and she is a true champion of change. Her commitment towards empowering women through entrepreneurship and digital inclusion is a model for others to follow. Her efforts have not only helped to create a more inclusive and equitable society, but they have also helped to create a more prosperous and innovative Nigeria.

As we congratulate Aisha on this well-deserved award, we also celebrate her as a role model for the next generation of women in tech. Her achievements show that with hard work, dedication, and a commitment to driving change, anything is possible.

Once again, congratulations, Aisha Tofa, on winning the UNDP Innovation and Gender Equality award. Your work is truly remarkable, and we look forward to seeing more of your contributions towards creating a more innovative and equitable society

Aisha’s work with Startup Kano has undoubtedly been instrumental in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in the tech industry, particularly in Northern Nigeria. Her leadership and vision have helped to create a platform that empowers young people to learn, grow and create new technologies that make a positive impact in their communities.

We congratulate Aisha.

WTM International Women’s day 2023

International Women’s Day is an important day to recognize and celebrate the achievements of women, as well as to raise awareness of the ongoing fight for gender equity. Google developers group (GDG) Kano and Women Techmakers Kano joined  forces on the 15th of March and host this event and bring attention to these issues. The event was a great success and lots of inspired women left the venue feeling motivated to take on the world and create positive change in their communities.


Safiyya Danmusa from Centre for Gender Equality studies, Federal University Dustinma (FUDMA) visited the hub on the 2nd of March to review the memorandum of understanding and Work Plan for Women in Technology (WINTECH).

Click here to know more about WINTECH.

We also had a visit from one of our pitchstars ‘Zainnest‘.

It’s always pleasant to have a pitchstar like Zainnest visit and share their insights with us. Zainnest has been selected for the National Information Technology Development Agency( NITDA) ihatch interview, which is an incredible achievement and a testament to their innovative ideas and hard work.


 Brycoal is a sustainable energy startup.

By harnessing biowaste from local farm by products they create sustainable charcoal.

Brycoal joined startup kano in 2019 and together we were able to launch the clean energy brand into the market.

Due to do inevitable change and social impact brycoal created,  the startup kanoe team and the founder of  Brycoal went to Dubai to  represent Nigeria in last year’s GITEX international trade Fair for technical Enterprise.

Brycoal focuses on Clean energy, Sustainability and  Social impact.

Ubaidurrahman Suleiman CEO Brycoal at GITEX Dubai.

This is the third month of the year, the rush hour is over and everyone is back to base. This is the time for big decisions.

Here at startup  kano, we help our clients make vital decisions that positively impact the growth of both the business and the people working for it.