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Kano Tour

On October 12 and 13, 2022, a historical tour of Kano City was conducted with the goal of locating and charting the city’s centers for the creative industries. The excursion featured two of the British Council members Brenda and Ndubisi Kanu, and Startup Kano team which include Umar Mohammed (Programs Manager Startup Kano), Salamatu Adamu (CEO Sals Epiphany),Yazeed Umar(Videographer/Cinematographer),Shittu Bature (Photographer), Abdulwahab Abdulrazaq (A90 Photography). The tour was lead by Umar Muhammad (iconfarouk).

Places Visited

Startup Kano LTD, Paint Box, Gidan Dan Hausa, kofar mata dye pit and Gidan Makama.

Tour Day 1
The British Council Arts Team visited Startup Kano LTD by 9:30am on the first day of the tour. The team was given a tour of the hub and introduced to some of the creatives, including Yazeed, a videographer, Ummu-Salma (Red), a Mandala Artist, Swaza, a graphic designer, and others.

II. Next stop was paint box art academy where they were given a tour of the Art studio and introduced to the students.

The group next went to the Kano State Cultural Center and the Gidan Dan Hausa Museum. Given its historical significance as the beginning of Western education in the North, it is a significant tourist attraction center, and the curator gave a tour of it. The tour continued to Gidan Makama, where people were shown inside and outside of the residence. Many historical artifacts were included in it, including photographs of Kano’s grand old gates, which date back more than 400 years, and even the weapons the British force employed to capture Kano.

The tour’s second day began with a stop at the Kano State Library, where the director showed the group around, including to their printing press. Later on in the day, the crew headed to a networking and shared experience event for the industry called the stakeholder reception, which had over 48 attendees.

The visit provided us with a chance to gain more knowledge about how to work with other creative industry players. The reception from the stakeholders expands our network and fosters collaboration and networking among the creatives.

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