NFC Monthly Meetup: Connect, Collaborate, Innovate

The Northern Founders Community (NFC) continues to foster innovation and entrepreneurship through its monthly meetups in Kano and Zaria. These gatherings bring together founders, talents, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders to network, learn, and explore potential partnerships and business opportunities. The most recent meetup, held on May 30, 2024, at the Twin Theatre in Maryam Abacha American University Nigeria (MAAUN), was no exception.

Prof. Abubakar Sadiq Haruna of MAAUN started with an opening ceremony, featuring a warm welcome. His remarks emphasized the significance of community and collaboration in shaping the future of Northern Nigeria’s tech scene

About NFC and Partner Introductions

Mustapha Salihu provided an insightful overview of the Northern Founders Community, detailing its mission, vision, and the critical role it plays in the regional startup ecosystem. He also introduced NFC’s esteemed partners, highlighting their contributions to fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial environment.

Startup Finance and Building

Ubaidurrahman Sulaiman delivered a compelling talk on the intricacies of startup finance and building. Drawing from his experience as the CEO of Brycoal, he shared practical advice on securing funding, managing financial resources, and scaling startups effectively. His session was particularly valuable for budding entrepreneurs looking to navigate the financial challenges of startup life.

Prospect for Northern Startup Space

Umar Faruk joined the meetup virtually and provided an optimistic outlook on the future of the northern startup ecosystem. As the co-founder of Sparklab, he offered a unique perspective on the region’s potential for growth and innovation. His insights into emerging trends and opportunities left the audience inspired and eager to contribute to the region’s burgeoning tech landscape.

iLearn Platform

A standout moment of the meetup was the launch of the iLearn platform by a team of talented students from MAAUN’s School of Computing. This innovative platform aims to provide accessible educational resources, underscoring the critical role of technology in enhancing education. The launch was met with applause and excitement, signaling strong support for student-led initiatives.

Need for Strong PR

Summaya Tofa, the creative director of The Meraki, emphasized the importance of strong public relations for startups. Her session highlighted strategies for building a compelling brand narrative, engaging with media, and leveraging PR to enhance visibility and credibility. For many in the audience, her talk provided actionable takeaways on how to effectively promote their ventures.

The Northern Perspective

Representatives of Zainpay discussed their innovative payment solutions and how they are tailored to meet the needs of the northern market. Their discussion showcased the potential of fintech in driving financial inclusion and supporting local businesses.

The meetup concluded with closing remarks from Aida Isah El-Hassan, the Hub Manager of Startup Kano. She recapped the day’s key points, expressed gratitude to all speakers and participants, and encouraged ongoing collaboration and networking beyond the event.

The NFC Monthly Meetup exemplifies the spirit of innovation and collaboration that is essential for driving the future of Northern Nigeria’s tech industry. With the support of partners like Startup Kano, these events provide invaluable opportunities for learning, networking, and growth. As the community continues to connect, collaborate, and innovate, the prospects for the northern startup ecosystem look brighter than ever.