Design Thinking Session for the Citizen Reporting Cross-Platform (CRC)

On the 29th of May, 2024, Startup Kano hosted an insightful design thinking session as part of the ongoing development of the Citizen Reporting Cross-Platform (CRC) project. The event was held at Startup Kano hub to engage the invited guests in a meaningful discussion about the current problems facing the state and explore potential solutions through the design of the CRC platform. Here’s a recap of the event.

Startup Kano is known for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. The ambiance was charged with excitement and anticipation as participants gathered to contribute their ideas and insights toward shaping the CRC platform.

The session began with opening remarks from Yomi Sani, the HR at Startup Kano and the lead of the CRC project. Yomi highlighted the significance of the CRC project in empowering citizens and improving community governance. He welcomed the participants and emphasized the importance of their contributions in designing a platform that addresses real local issues effectively.

An Interactive Session

Usman Fori, a seasoned facilitator, took the stage next and immediately captured the audience’s attention with his dynamic approach. He began by outlining the objectives of the session, emphasizing the importance of understanding the local issues that citizens face daily. Fori encouraged active participation from all attendees, stressing that their input was crucial in designing a platform that truly addresses the community’s needs. His session moved into a collective brainstorming phase where participants were invited to share their experiences and observations regarding local issues. This collaborative environment allowed for a wide range of problems to be identified, from sanitation concerns to security issues, bureaucratic inefficiencies and many more. The diverse backgrounds of the attendees provided a comprehensive overview of the challenges faced by the community.

Tailoring the CRC to Local Needs

With a clear understanding of the current problems, Usman guided the group through the process of ideating potential solutions. He introduced various design thinking techniques, encouraging participants to think creatively and practically about how the CRC platform could be designed to address these issues. Ideas flowed freely, and lively discussions ensued as attendees proposed features and functionalities that would make the platform effective and user-friendly.

A Collaborative Effort for a Better Community

The event concluded with closing remarks from Amina Idris Ibrahim, a training expert at Startup Kano. Amina thanked all the participants for their valuable input and active engagement. She reiterated the importance of community collaboration in the success of the CRC project and expressed optimism about the positive impact this initiative would have on local governance and community improvement.

The design thinking session at Startup Kano was a resounding success. The session not only identified key local issues but also generated innovative ideas for incorporating solutions into the CRC platform.

As we move forward, the insights gained from this session will play a pivotal role in shaping the CRC project. By incorporating the community’s input, we can develop a platform that truly empowers citizens, fosters community improvement, and enhances communication with local authorities.