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Breaking Boundaries: Empowering Kano’s Creative Sector with UNDP

Greetings, innovators and entrepreneurs!

We’re thrilled to bring you the latest updates from Startup Kano, where creativity and innovation are flourishing in both technology and e-commerce. This month, we had the honor of hosting representatives from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as they joined us in exploring how to empower Kano’s creative sector while preserving its unique cultural identity. Together, we embarked on an inspiring journey to transform Kano’s creative landscape and honor its rich heritage.

Fostering Innovation and Cultural Richness 

The visit by UNDP was a milestone for Startup Kano. We engaged with the vibrant community of creatives and innovators in Kano, discussing strategies and interventions to unlock the potential of the creative industry. With a focus on harnessing technology, we explored ways to enhance the sector and address the challenges it faces. Stay tuned for exciting developments and initiatives resulting from this collaboration!

PitchStar WFC 1.0: Empowering Women Founders in Northern Nigeria 

We’re thrilled to celebrate the success of our PitchStar WFC 1.0 program! Over the past weeks, 20 exceptional women founders underwent an intensive Pre-Incubation Program, equipping them with essential skills for their ventures. The Demo Day was a glorious finale, where the graduates showcased their groundbreaking business ideas. Connections were forged, collaborations were born, and dreams turned into reality. We congratulate the graduates and look forward to witnessing their achievements in the global startup ecosystem.

CohereAIHack Hackathon: Celebrating Innovation and Collaboration 

Step into the vibrant world of innovation and collaboration as we reflect on the CohereAIHack Hackathon! With the support of CohereAI, AI Saturday Lagos, and Arewa Data Science Academy, this remarkable event brought together 30 talented hackers from various locations. They harnessed the power of Cohere’s Multilingual Embeddings, pushing the boundaries of AI and creativity. The energy was palpable as teams worked tirelessly, both online and in person, to develop cutting-edge solutions. We celebrate their achievements and the lasting impact they have on Kano’s technology ecosystem.

Nigeria’s Technological Advancement and Blockchain Policy 

Nigeria’s commitment to technological advancement is evident with the approval of the National Blockchain Policy. This policy sets the stage for the development, innovation, and adoption of blockchain solutions across sectors, positioning Nigeria as a global force in the digital economy. The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has been driving awareness and capacity development in blockchain, empowering young Nigerians with the skills to harness its power. Join us in celebrating this milestone and the beginning of a new era in Nigeria’s technological landscape.

Unlock Your Potential: Self-Evaluation Forms at Startup Kano 

At Startup Kano, we believe in empowering our employees to reach new heights of productivity and creativity. That’s why we’ve introduced our cutting-edge self-evaluation forms, a game-changer in tracking progress and fueling personal growth. These forms serve as your compass, guiding you towards a fulfilling career journey. Set goals, assess your growth, and celebrate your accomplishments along the way. Together, we’ll maximize your potential and propel Startup Kano to new heights.

Startup Feature: Sal’s Epiphany Studio 

In this edition, we highlight the success story of Sal’s Epiphany Studio, founded by Salamatu Adamu. Salamatu, an alumna of Startup Kano’s PitchStar incubation program, shares her journey and growth. Sal’s Epiphany Studio harnesses

technology and creativity to create stunning digital artwork and design solutions. Their work has garnered international recognition, and Salamatu’s entrepreneurial spirit is an inspiration to aspiring founders in Kano and beyond. Read the full feature on our website and be inspired by Sal’s Epiphany Studio’s remarkable journey.

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