Faysal Muhammad Umar



Digital Media/Publicity Manager

Meet Faysal Muhammad Umar, a pro at digital marketing with over 6 years experience. He’s all about boosting online presence and making online campaigns work through strategic planning, data-driven decision-making, and innovative campaigns. Faysal handles digital media and publicity at Startup Kano. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria, demonstrating a strong foundation in technology.

With extensive experience in digital marketing, he has showcased his proficiency in leveraging various digital channels, including SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing. His smart strategies have consistently achieved measurable results, enhancing several brands’ visibility across different platforms.

He also contributed to the online presence of Al-Huda University, where he successfully elevated the university’s ranking in webometrics and increased the online engagement by over 3000%.


Bsc Computer ScienceĀ 


6 Years of experience in digital marketing.


Online presence of Al-Huda University.

Elevated webometrics and increased engagement by over 3000%