Entrepreneurial Wisdom at Skyline University

In the exciting world of business, Skyline University recently hosted an inspiring roundtable discussion featuring some of the most innovative minds, with Start-up Kano right in the midst of it. This marked the fourth collaboration between Start-up Kano and the university, sharing valuable insights with final-year students, and guiding them toward success in the entrepreneurial world.

The university graciously invited Startup Kano to share professional experience and thoughts on the entrepreneurial mindset and skillset, and the team was proudly represented by the Executive Director, Aisha Tofa.

Why Start Young?

Starting your entrepreneurial journey early offers numerous benefits. Young minds are adaptable and resilient, making it easier to navigate the unpredictable business world.

Don’t think that you are in Skyline University and boast about your parent’s wealth. Success is more about the effort you put in than your background. Besides your parents will be proud and be willing to do more for you if you do more for yourself”

-Aisha Tofa

Starting early provides more time to learn from mistakes and improve ideas. The focus on being energetic aligns perfectly with the idea that youthful determination can drive innovation and long-term success.

Most young entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to take risks. They are always willing to try new things. Their eagerness and lack of fear help them be adventurous and open to experimenting with different ideas. Moreover, this fearlessness can be a valuable quality, allowing individuals to explore new opportunities and take on challenges without being held back by too many worries. It’s a positive mindset that can shape the early stages of a professional journey.

What to Keep In Mind


Aisha Tofa emphasized the significance of mentorship in the journey of an entrepreneur. “It’s quite important to have a mentor,” she shared with enthusiasm. “However, don’t just bump into them with an empty hand. Make sure you have something tangible to present. Have value and bring something of value to the table.”

Connections can make quite a huge difference. Moreover, approaching a mentor with a clear understanding of what you can contribute sets the foundation for a meaningful and reciprocal relationship.

Effective Communication

When you’re running a business, it’s not just about talking well; it’s about making sure everyone understands your ideas. Sometimes, you may be talking to people who might invest in your business, sometimes to your team, and other times to customers, whichever the case may be, being able to explain things clearly is super important. Practice talking about your business in a simple way, and be open to feedback. Clear communication helps everyone understand each other better and builds good relationships, which are really important for making your business work well.


Networking is a powerful tool. This is not just about exchanging business cards; it’s about building relationships and being present in the right places at the right time. Attending events and making connections can lead to unexpected opportunities. Tofa’s advice, “You don’t know where you will meet the right helping hands,” reminds us that every networking opportunity can shape your entrepreneurial journey.

Continuous Learning:

What you see today can be old school tomorrow; that’s how the world of starting business works. This is why it is super important to keep learning all the time. Stay curious and never stop growing. This means taking classes, going to workshops, or attending events to get better at what you do. When you’re always learning, you become better at solving problems and can adapt to changes easily. Remember, being open to learning from both good and not-so-good experiences is a big key to making your business successful.

Starting early, staying curious, and learning continuously, along with effective communication, networking, and mentorship, are keys to navigating the unpredictable business journey. With this guidance, future business leaders can confidently enter the business world, ready for long-term success. The shared wisdom not only inspires but also sets the stage for a new wave of determined and innovative entrepreneurs.