Aisha Umar Tofa


  • Masters in Public Relations.
  • Voice of America.
  • Broadcasting Board of Governors.
  • British Council, and Google.



Co-Chair of the Board

Aisha Tofa, popularly known as “The Visionary Leader,” is an energetic and experienced individual who is the Co-chairman of Board at Startup Kano. Through wholehearted commitment of linking social capital and technology for advancement of the economic status, she stands exemplary as a good leader. Besides this, she also serves as the director/founder of the Women Founders Group where she is a strong advocate for women’s education and economic solidity across Africa.

Aisha holds a Master’s in Public Relations, complemented by certifications from Voice of America, Broadcasting Board of Governors, and the British Council. With over 8 years of experience in the Startup Ecosystem & Innovation, she is a veteran when it comes to development and social impact.

She has been involved in numerous projects at Startup Kano, contributing significantly to the startup ecosystem and guiding over 500 startups and founders. She has a proven track record of securing funding for startups, with some receiving up to $1,000,000.

In addition, Aisha is a member of the Global Shapers at the World Economic Forum, a Gates Foundation Goalkeeper, and a TEDx Speaker.

In 2020, Aisha founded The Baby Bank NG, a social enterprise providing baby food and essentials to families in need due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact. She is a multiple award-winning woman in tech, with her most recent accolade being the United Nations Feature Award for Digitall: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality.


8 years of experience in the Startup Ecosystem & Innovation.


British Council’s Creative Economy E-Learning Program (CEEP) in 2022