Aida Isah El-hassan


  • Bsc Economics
  • Certificate in Management Studies (NIM)
  • Digital Marketing (Aleph Inc), (Google Digital Garage)
  • Project Management Foundations (LInkedIn Learning)
  • Local People’s Choice Winner; Team Amazons (NASA Space Apps Challenge 2022)



Hub/Community Manager

Have you ever wondered who the driving force behind the scenes at the Hub/Community is? Well, here she is; Meet Aida Isah El-Hassan, Manager of the Hub/Community at Startup Kano, also known as The Heartbeat of Community. She is a certified professional in Management Studies, Digital Marketing, and Project Management Foundations.

She ensures the day-to-day hub operations run smoothly. She organizes engaging events, fosters partnerships, and tailors programs that cater to the community’s needs.

She is not just about managing; she’s also into creating meaningful interactions and sparking collaborative ventures. Effective communication, creative problem-solving, organizational finesse, and emotional intelligence are a few from Aida’s versatile set of skills. She is adept at building networks, and infusing a touch of creativity and research.

Her projects reflect her commitment to making a difference. She is a key player in shaping innovative narratives.She led the British Council’s Creative Economy E-Learning Program (CEEP) in 2022 and coordinated PitchStar. Beyond skills and work, Aida is a nature lover who finds joy in capturing beautiful moments outdoors. 


7 Years of teaching experience
5 Years experience as CEO


British Council’s Creative Economy E-Learning Program (CEEP) in 2022